Accident & Liability Insurance
For Fitness Professionals

€160 for annual cover
For 1 year period
Assured : The individuals members of the Malta Exercise Health and Fitness
Business : Health and Fitness / Personal training activity undertaken in Malta.

Limit of indemnity : € 200,000
Personal Accident :
Basis of cover Occupational basis
Benefits - Accidental death € 20,000
- Permanent Disablement as per Scale of Benefits € 20,000
- Temporary Total Disablement following
accident up to 104 weeks less 7 days excess € 100 per week

          ​​Professional indemnity insurance as follows:

EURO 250,000 any one claim costs in addition OR
EURO 500,000 any one claim costs in addition 
Excess: EURO 500 each and every claim costs in addition

EURO 500 plus Local Taxes plus EURO 180 Policy Fee OR
EURO 750 plus Local Taxes plus EURO 180  Policy Broker Fee 

We can also insure your studio/ gym and equipment

Cover available through Galea Insurance Brokers